STOP & BREATHE (60 min.)

In this workshop we cover:

  • Mechanics of breath

  • Benefits of proper breathing 

  • How the quality of your breathing affects your physical and mental functions.

  • How to optimize your breath for maximum efficiency

  • Breathing techniques for relaxation, stress-reduction, concentration, and increasing energy.

PARTNER YOGA (60 or 90 min.)

Floor space for yoga mats is necessary.

Team-Building Program that consists of:

  • A sequence of yogic postures that bring people together through movement, play, breath and touch.

       It creates and nurtures trust and strengthens communication.

  • (Optional) Co-Meditation - guided Mindfulness Meditation with a partner.

OFFICE YOGA (30 or 60 min.)

A sequence of yogic postures, stretches and breathing exercises that can be done in either a chair or standing

This type of practice doesn't require large floor-space or yoga mats. It can be done in most office spaces. The benefits are countless.


Floor space for yoga mats is necessary.

Each class includes:

  • breathing exercises 

  • stretching, strengthening, and balancing yogic postures

  • deep relaxation

Students of all levels are welcome.​


Weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly guided Mindfulness Meditation sessions.


We are happy to adjust an existing program or create a new one 

to meet your company's needs

MINDFULNESS MEDITATION WORKSHOP (4 or 5 sessions 45 min. each)

A series of workshops where we explore Mindfulness Meditation practices such as Body Awareness, Breath Awareness, Thoughts Awareness, Metta Meditation, and (optional) iRest®Yoga Nidra.


Each workshop includes:

  • Explanation and benefits of the method

  •  Guided Meditation Practice

  • Q&A

  • The participants receive recordings of the guided meditation to practice at home.

iRest ® YOGA NIDRA (30 or 45 min.)

A meditation practiced developed by Dr. Richard Miller. This method combines traditional yogic practice with Western psychology and neuroscience. This fairly easy technique has been proven through clinical studies to be effective for such conditions as chronic pain, sleep problems, depression and anxiety. It's been used by VA to treat PTSD in veterans. It's a tool that helps in creating a healthy response to stressful situations. 

MINDFUL ART (60 min)

We have partnered with A Maze in Pottery Inc. from Briarcliff Manor 

to create workshops that consist of guided meditations followed by pottery painting activities.

The pottery pieces are glazed and fired, and delivered back to your office within 7 days.

This workshop is recommended as a team building activity.


Chronic stress, which is so common these days, can result in anxiety, high blood pressure, insomnia, fatigue, broken relationships, addictions, and depression. In the workplace, stress also can lead to burnout. 

In this workshop, the participants will learn to manage stress healthily by recognizing the signs of stress and learning useful techniques to reduce it.

Receiving tools such as:

  • Mindfulness techniques

  • Breath & Movement

  • Simple lifestyle changes

will help the participants to slow down and find peace amid their high pressure and high commitment lives. In this workshop, we learn how to optimize the energy to meet the high demands of life and be productive while not burning out.