Marta is happy to bring Yoga, Meditation, and Mindful Art to your workplace.

Both Yoga and Meditation are becoming more popular and present in the corporate world. Some of our programs became quite popular as team-building projects.

Big companies like Google, Apple, HBO, Yahoo, and Nike as well as many smaller employers have been offering Yoga or Meditation classes and workshops for their employees and observing tangible benefits.


Benefits of Meditation and Mindfulness practices in the workplace:


- better focus and decision-making skills

- improved stress-management capabilities

- increased creativity

- positive impact on the workplace culture and work relationships

- improved morale, job satisfaction and positive thinking


Benefits of practicing Yoga in the workplace:


- less back pain, improved flexibility and physical strength

- reduced muscle tension and pain associated with sedentary working   positions

- lower stress

- improved breathing

- decreased headaches

- greater self-assurance

- increased concentration

- improved decision making

- improved immune system and overall health, resulting in decreased   absenteeism and sickness levels

- increased productivity and motivation

- increased stamina, energy and mental alertness

- improved confidence

- positive impact on workplace relationships