In Yoga Therapy sessions, most of the time, Marta works with her clients in private setting.

As a  Yoga Therapist, she incorporates a wide range of yogic techniques like breathing and movement, meditation, and philosophy to teach the client how they can help themselves feel better.  


Yoga therapy is a holistic modality that helps to improve health and alleviate suffering. It works as a complementary therapy together with traditional western medicine and other more mainstream treatments. Often, when physical therapy or mental health medications aren't fully solving the problem, yoga therapy can help. Yoga therapy can help in such issues as back pain, some postural misalignments, sciatica, scoliosis, anxiety, insomnia, addiction, PTSD, depression, and many others. 


Where do I start?

First, you set up an appointment for an initial phone consultation, which usually takes less than 30 minutes and is free.

During this call, you explain what you need help with. If this is something within Marta's scope and ability, you can schedule an intake.


How long is the intake, and how much does it cost?

It usually takes around 75-90 minutes and helps to specify your goals and determine the right practice. Depending on the issue, you may already receive some exercises to do at home, or you may get them during the second session. The cost of the intake is $90.


How many sessions should I expect, and how often?

It all depends on the issue. With some conditions, you may see an improvement in just a few sessions, and some may take more than a year to see a change. 


What kind of practices are involved in Yoga Therapy?

Depending on a condition, we may use yogic postures and movement, breathing techniques, various meditation and mindfulness practices, lifestyle changes, education, etc.


I have never practiced Yoga. Can I still use Yoga Therapy?

Yes, Yoga Therapy is different from a Yoga Class, and the wide range of available tools makes it accessible to everyone. 


What are some of the conditions in which Yoga Therapy can help?

Yoga Therapy can help alleviate suffering in non-acute physical and mental conditions. Some of them are anxiety, depression, sleep problems, addictions, grief, end of life support, PTSD, eating disorders, autoimmune diseases, cardiovascular and gastrointestinal issues,  chronic pain, physical misalignments, scoliosis, sciatica, muscle weakness, and tightness, effects of chemotherapy, and many more...

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 "Health is Wealth , Peace of Mind is        Happiness, Yoga shows the way!"